The RIIS (Regina Indian Industrial School) Media Project was started as a community healing multimedia resource for the Regina Indian Industrial School legacy funded by The United Church of Canada. RIIS Media Project, Inc. is a non profit organization to develop, create and present media related to the Regina Indian Industrial School, the families, communities and legacy of the school. The RIIS Media Project not only produces and shares the documentary, RIIS from Amnesia, but also other stories by different storytellers inspired by the Regina Indian Industrial School, the students, families and communities.


Joely BigEagle-Kequahtooway

Mark Deiter

Jodie Payant

Bill Wall

Multimedia Producers and Directors of RIIS from Amnesia

Trudy Stewart

Janine Windolph

Elder Advisors

Alma Poitras

Noel Starblanket

Promotions and Publicity

Louise Bigeagle

Graphics and Design

Eagleclaw Thom